Are Chestnut Mushrooms High in Iron?

are chestnut mushrooms high in iron

Mushrooms can play a wonderful role in an iron-rich diet, alongside other nutrient-dense foods. Whether you’re sautéing, grilling, or simmering them in stews, know that these fungi contribute not just to flavor, but to the iron in your nutritional diet. But the question is “Are chestnut mushrooms high in iron”?

Chestnut mushrooms contain 0.5 mg of iron in a 100-gram serving. Morel mushrooms stand at 1st with iron amount 12.2 mg.

List of Mushrooms containing iron per 100 gram

Iron Fact

Iron, no doubt the “Spark of Life,” is an elemental part of our red blood cells, responsible for transporting oxygen throughout the body. Additionally, iron acts as a vital component in immune function, mental development in children, muscle function, and temperature regulation. Quite the Renaissance element, wouldn’t you say?

The World Health Organization (WHO) notes that iron deficiency remains one of the most widespread nutritional disorders in the world.

Keynote: Including iron-rich foods in your diet is particularly important for individuals who may be at risk of iron deficiency or anemia, such as pregnant women, children, adolescents and vegetarians.

So, mushrooms can be a valuable addition to a diet focused on increasing iron intake, especially considering their versatility in various dishes.

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