Chestnut Mushrooms Side Effects

chestnut mushrooms side effects

Chestnut mushrooms are generally safe to eat whether in raw form or cooked and are a good source of vitamin C, proteins, dietary fiber and other minerals. They are popularly added to breakfast recipes, lunch and dinners.

Different questions arise in people’s minds: are there any side effects of chestnut mushrooms? can I eat chestnut mushrooms at night? how many chestnut mushrooms can I eat in a day?

The bottom line is that chestnut mushrooms are safe to eat both in raw and cooked form. The side effects are mild and rare. if you are not allergic and don’t have any stomach problems, it is safe to go with chestnut mushrooms.

Now, I will let you know the potential side effects and the conditions on which going with chestnut mushroom alternatives would be better.

Potential side Effects

All edible mushrooms are safe to consume; the same is true for chestnut mushrooms. However, there might be some potential side effects:


Allergic: if you are allergic to mushrooms then avoid taking mushrooms and go with mushroom substitutes.

Gastrointestinal Infections: If you already have gastrointestinal infections and issues, taking chestnut mushrooms may worsen the condition and you may suffer from diarrhea. So avoid taking chestnut mushrooms.

Doubt about Mushrooms: If you are doubtful whether the mushrooms you are taking are edible or wild. Leave them at once because the wild mushrooms are poisonous and have serious health concerns even kill.

α-amanitin, muscarine, Orellanine and Gyromitrin are the toxins in wild mushrooms which make them poisonous and may lead to Liver failure, Kidney Failure , hallucinogenic effects and intestinal issues.

Hygienic: Improper handling and cooking of unhygienic chestnut mushrooms can cause food poisoning. Always make sure of proper storage and cleaning of chestnut mushrooms.

Potential Side Effects

Diarrhea: Eating chestnut mushrooms may cause diarrhea in some persons. Check in a small amount and see whether it is suitable or not. In case of diarrhea, visit a doctor for medication.

Vomiting: As we have already discussed some people might be allergic and after intake vomiting may occur. If it does so, avoid and go with foods.

Skin Allergies: Some persons allergic to this fungi may show skin allergy and the symptoms might be itching, redness, hives, and swelling, or eczema-like rashes.

Now come to the questions:

Are there any side effects of chestnut mushrooms?

Mild and rare. Generally safe to eat.

Can I eat chestnut mushrooms at night?

Yes. It is safe to eat chestnut mushrooms at night.

How many chestnut mushrooms can I eat in a day?

Eat in moderation. Generally, 4-5 per day are enough and safe.

I hope you found it helpful!

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