Chestnut Mushrooms Slimy Identification and Questions

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Slimy mushrooms exhibit a bad smell and don’t retain a firm shape. They are full of bacteria, so I advise you to avoid eating slimy mushrooms. In this post, I will educate you about how to identify slimy chestnut mushrooms, whether slimy mushrooms be cooked, whether is it dangerous to eat slimy mushrooms and what to do with chestnut mushrooms so they won’t get slimy.

Mushrooms are loved for their unique taste and texture. Their earthy flavor and versatility in culinary creations make them popular worldwide. Whether it’s the hearty bite of a portobello mushroom burger or the delicate umami of chestnut mushrooms in a savory broth, these fungi hold a special place in the hearts of food lovers.

Fresh mushrooms can last anywhere from about 5 to 7 days when stored properly in the refrigerator. However, some varieties like Morels and chanterelles have a shorter shelf life (3 to 4 days) compared to more common types like button mushrooms.

Whether self-grown mushrooms or bought from a store, look for ones that are firm, dry, and have a smooth texture.

Now come to the important question, how to identify slimy chestnut mushrooms.

How to Identify Slimy Chestnut Mushrooms

Chestnut Mushrooms slimy

Look and appearance are the first things anyone can identify whether the chestnut mushrooms are good to cook and eat. Slimy mushrooms have a bad look and lose their firm texture. They have dark spots or bruises in their shape.

Here comes a question.

Can I Eat Slimy Mushrooms?

Simple is that you can but you should not. Slimy mushrooms are full of bacteria, hence after cooking they become eatable but are they enjoyable? certainly not. It is better to discard slimy mushrooms.

The next important factor for the identification is Odor.

Bad odor.

Fresh mushrooms have a pleasant earthy aroma and slimy mushrooms are mushy, moldy, softer, discolored and unpleasant odor.

Chestnut Mushrooms slimy odor

what to do with chestnut mushrooms so they won’t get slimy

To prolong the shelf life of chestnut mushrooms, store them in a dry, cool refrigerator. It’s important to minimize exposure to water (avoiding washing them until just before use). There are multiple storage methods; you can store them in a paper bag or a zip-top plastic bag lined with paper towels.


Mushroom’s appearance and smell tell us “Are they fresh or slimy“. If you are sure you have slimy mushrooms. Do not eat them. By opting for proper storage methods, you can preserve the freshness of chestnut mushrooms and enhance their shelf life.

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